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“Winemaking involves a great many small decisions, each affecting the next. One can only hope to get them all right, to capture what was in the grapes to begin with.”

Without question, the foundation of great wine is outstanding fruit. Our belief in the fruit drives our commitment to growers and vineyard sites. Together, we spend much of the year listening, learning, and refining what we know about the vineyards to allow each area to express itself fully. We spend far more time in the vineyard than the winery, tending to inordinately specific details of each vine. We strive for physiologically ripe and balanced grapes that bear the fingerprint of the particular vineyard and vintage. Once harvest is complete, we trust that the fruit has its path and believe our responsibility is not to obscure it by the signature of our winemaking methods. Each of these wines brings us joy. For it allows us to develop our ideas of expression.

While we favor minimal intervention in the cellar, we subscribe to methods that have proven best for expressing site through varietal. Our winemaking is flexible rather than dogmatic, inspired by traditional winemaking, allowing the voice of the land and season to shine rather than the effects of human cellar techniques.